How Much Does it Cost for Tattoo Removal and is there a Natural Tattoo Removal option?

Why Laser?

Making a tattoo is a risky choice. It is made to remain, while very often our ideas change pretty quickly. For this it is not rare to grow tired of some tattoo or really hating it after a while. It should be no surprise then that almost half of the people that get a tattoo want it sooner or later removed in life. So, the problem now is: How do you remove it once it is done?

Laser tattoo removal i probably the best widely known technique to remove a tattoo. It is also known of being extremely expensive and quite painful. On the other hand, results seem to be there, and most of the time better than any other method out there. But let’s see in deatil what this is all about…

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How does it work

Laser tattoo removal works in a simple manner. With a high focused laser beam and a computer program that analyzes the pattern of the tattoo, the doctor hits the whole tattoo, hitting the deepest layer of skin, the one where the ink is put when the tattoo is made. The laser beam destroys the pigments of the ink, that will later come out of the skin naturally after the inner layers of skin are grown out. The result is not effective in a single session, and ofter requires a long time to be removed completely. After a single session the skin is extremely irritated and time is required to heal the skin before proceding.

How Long Is The Treatment

A treatment with the laser requires in total from 2 to 8 sessions, with a rest time of 2 to 4 weeks in-between. This means that an average tattoo requires up to 6 months to be removed effectively. Each session is relatively short, of course depending on the tattoo. Small tattoos are pretty quick to do, while bigger tattoos can require a lot of time.

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It must be taken in consideration that every session hurts quite a bit. It is not easy to remove a tattoo, and it is not plasant by any mean. But the results are there and it is the most effective way of removing a tattoo today. You only have to stand a few sessions of pain and you are done.

Do You have A Tattoo?

Do you have a tattoo and want to remove it?

  • I have a tattoo and I want to remove it!
  • I have a tattoo but I don’t want to remove it!
  • I don’t have a tattoo, but I want to make one soon
  • I don’t have a tattoo, and I will never have one, but I like them
  • I simply hate tattoos

WhatKind Of Tattoos Can Be Treated?

With the laser tattoo removl technique, every tattoo can be removed if you have enugh patience. But many factors come inside when we talk about how long does it take and how effective the results will be.

The first factor to take in consideration is: was your tattoo made by a professional of by an amateur artists? It seems that a less professional artist will have also a less effective technique. This means that the ink didn’t go into the lowest layer of the skin, making its removal extremely easier. But if the maker was a professional, there is the probability that he hit the right layer of skin, making you tattoo extremely more difficult to remove.

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Another factor is the size of the tattoo. It is a no brainer that a small tattoo will require a lot less time that a big tattoo. If the tattoo is extremely big, it can take the double of the time because the treatment cannot hit the whole tattoo in the same session, making it a lot more painful and long.

The color is another extremely important factor. Lighter colors are the easiest to remove, while darker ones are a lot more difficult. Green seems to be the most difficult of them all, with black right behind. Of course, most of the tattoos are made of plain black, but more professional ones may have some color in it. This complicates a little bit the procedure because different laser beams are required for different areas, making the cost rise up a bit.

The last factor that influences the removal of the tattoo is the area where the tattoo was made. It looks like that areas with a lot a body fat are easier to remove, compared to areas with less body fat. So arms and buttocks are the ideal place, while ankles and fingers can be extremely more difficult to remove.

A Typical LaserTattoo Removal Session

Side Effects

Blisters and scars are a common consequence of the laser tattoo removal system. The high intensity laser beam is like focusing the whole sun rays in a single points, and as you may guess it is not exactly what the skin is made for. Blisters are the consequence of ustion of the skin. It requires a few weeks to heal the skin and continue the treatment. Testimonials tell that the recovery hurts as much as the treatment itself: have you ever had an ustion? Well, you know what it feels like: it is not pleasant. When the skin is completely healed the treatment can be continued.

Scars are another problems. The damage on the skin is sometimes so high that the skin creates scar tissue. This can be a serious aesthetical problem, especially iof the tattoo was in an exposed area. It requires another treatment to remove the scar tissue, adding up the final costs.

Another problem that seems to disturb the treatment is the lightening or darkening of the skin in the area where the tattoo was. This happens because of the loss or creation of melanin in the area (the same agent that helps you have a good tan), and often disappears after a few months, just like the tan disappears after some times.

The Choice of a Good Doctor

Being an important treatment, you want to find an affidable and reliable person to do the operation on you. Unfortunately, there are a whole lot of people out there scamming persons and sometimes ruining their skin forever only because they were cheaper than other more reliable doctors. Be careful to choose wisely your doctor if you are going to do laser tattoo removal.

First of all, talk with him, or her. Does He/she look professional? Ask him for certifications and ask him to see the room where they do the operation. Also, every professional doctor has a documentation of past treatments and results. Ask to see them if possible and if you really are unsure ask for the information contacts of other people to see if the results are as good as they claim.

Do not underestimate this step. Saving a little money is nothing compared to your look and skin. Do not save on your health!

The Alternatives To Laser Tattoo Removal

Luckily, there are other choices for you if you find that laser is out of league for you for different reasons.

On the internet, you will find a whole lot of tattoo removal creams that claim to give you exceptional results in just a few months. I can assure you that some of them work, but be sure not to be scammed. There is a lot of people that want your money online, do not let them take it from you! Do your research, find ut what works and what not and choose the cream that most appeals to you.Post Comment

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